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Buy To buy an access code just click the button next to the desired card.
On the following sites you will be asked for some personal data.
Data concerning your credit card will be collected by our partner CK-Software.
Our partner will also be mentioned on your credit card statement. If all data have been checked the access code will be sent in a short message to your mobile phone.
You may also purchase an access code at one of our selling points.

3D-Security by VISA and Mastercard are not yet supported.

Use To use your access code, just follow these steps:

- Connect to one of our wireless networks. The names of your networks always begin with FlyLight.
- Start your internet browser and try to open a site of your choice, for example
- If you are not yet logged in, you will be shown a page that asks you to enter your FlyConnect access code.
- After entering the code you will be lead to the requested site.

Binding force Every order is binding, multiple orders will result in multiple charges of your credit card..
If an return debit entry should occur, the customer will be chraged additional costs of up to 40 &euro for CC.
The access will be blocked until the payment of the whole amount
If an ordered access code is not sent to your mobile phone within 2 minutes, please contact us.

Accuracy of data Please take care to fill in the fields with valid data.
If you enter a wrong mobile number, the access code will not be sent to you.
In case of wrong credit card data the actual and maybe future orders will be blocked
Multiple tries to order using wrong credit card data will be considered as knowing violation of law and will be charged. If you have problems with the credit card payment please contact out partner CK-Software.

Availability Before you buy, please check for availability and available speed in your location.
To test the max. available speed you may use the speedtest (German).
If you find out, after you have bought an access code, that the desired connection speed is not available, we cannot cancel your order.